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Our doors may be closed, but we're still here! Until we can welcome you back into our building, please enjoy these projects, lesson plans, and activities at home. Be inspired by Glenn Curtiss and the early engineering that shaped the world as we know it today. These activities are great for all ages - grown-ups included! 

Learn more about Glenn Curtiss! 
Our Museum is dedicated to the life of Glenn Curtiss, and we work hard to make sure everyone knows about his accomplishments -  but who exactly was Glenn Curtiss and why is he so important? Discover more about the aviator through the link below! 

Who was Glenn Curtiss?
Glenn Curtiss Crossword Puzzle

Hoop Glider Mini Lesson

For ages 5+ with the help of an adult
Can you build a better hoop glider than we can? Students will explore being an engineer with this simple hoop glider experiment! By working alone or in groups, the students will use the engineering design process to plan, test, and improve their designs in attempts to create a glider that flies farther than our design! 

Standard Hoop Glider
Engineering Design Process: Hoop Shape - A Lesson for Grades K-2
Engineering Design Process: Materials - A Lesson for Grades 3-5

Spinning Our Wheels Art Project!

Spinning Our Wheels Art Project!

For ages 5+ with the help of an adult
Before Glenn Curtiss was an aviation pioneer, he was a bicycle racer and a motorcycle expert! Following the directions below, you can design your dream scene and decorate a motorcycle with wheels that actually spin! 

Motorcycle and Wheels Template
Spinning Our Wheels: Motorcycle Craft Instructions

Aviation in Art!

The idea of flying machines have been a dream and fascinations for centuries, with artists and inventors creating designs of gliders and airships as early as 1010C.E. - well over 1,000 years ago! When Glenn Curtiss and other aviators started flying their aircraft in the early 1900's, the public was so fascinated that the demand for aviation-themed art grew. Create your own aviation themed art with our easy at-home art projects!

Curtiss Dirigible Coloring Page
Puffy Paper Dirigible Art

Glenn Curtiss Coloring Page
June Bug Coloring Page
Curtiss Motorcycle Coloring Page

Make sure to check back for more projects!