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Special selection of Glenn H. Curtiss related videos.


Glenn Curtiss Museum (from the One World Tour Moto

Glenn Curtiss Museum clip from the One World Tour motorcycle movie published on Apr 24, 2013.

Curtiss Airplanes

June Bug

First publicly-observed flight in America 1908

A-1 Triad

If you lived in Hammondsport in the summer of 1911, you would be witnessing history in the making, flying aircraft off the water. In 1911 flying an aircraft was a novelty to start with. To see one actually take off and landing on the water would have been remarkable.


Virginia Dare II

At the Curtiss Museum we have a sizeable collection of Boats, but the queen of our fleet is most definitely this baby right here, this is the Virginia Dare II, purchased in ’27 by the Garrett family for operations on Keuka Lake.


Model E Flying Boat

Flight of the reproduction Curtiss Model E Flying Boat over Keuka Lake

1910 Curtiss Hudson Flier Replica Flight

The Glenn Curtiss Museum in Hammonsport, NY built a replica of the 1910 Hudson Flier (aka Albany Flier).

America Begins Water Test

America begins testing using secondary OX-5 engines.

Restoration Work

History of the P-40 Restoration

The  Curtiss Museum P-40 is being reconstructed from the wreckage of two planes which crashed in 1945.

June Bug Construction / Flight Part 1

Pilot Jim Poel and Head builder Art Wilder talk about flying the replica of the first seaplane, June Bug

Local Interest

Welcome To Hammondsport NY

Published May 4, 2014.