The Curtiss Museum features a wide variety of both permanent and temporary exhibits. In addition to our aircraft, motorcycles and automobiles, our permanent exhibits include the history and legacy of Glenn H. Curtiss, the history of Hammondsport, wine making in the Finger Lakes, women in aviation, Mercury Aircraft Inc., and much more.

 Art at War
Opening June 12, 2021

"It is the finest collection of its type that I have ever seen in over 40 years, and I would be amazed if there is anything that currently exists that could rival it. The fact that the collection has survived over 100 years and is being preserved to be made available for the next 100 is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity. Everyone should take the time, make the pilgrimage to the Glenn Curtiss Museum and take it all in.”    - Robert R. "Buddy" Macon (Deputy Director; National Naval Aviation Museum).

New from the Curtiss Museum’s permanent collection comes Art at War, a collection of twenty WWI and WWII aviation insignia art displayed for the first time. Never meant to survive long-term, squadron insignia was often roughly painted art on the fuselage canvas. These images of pelicans, cartoon characters, dragons, etcetera, came to be far more than just identification painted on a plane - these pieces united crew members, represent the emotions of war, and the lives of the pilots and crews. From French airfields to the decks of the Saratoga, from interwar Hawaii to the seaplane hoist of the USS Arizona, these original aircraft insignias come in together in Art at War to create a rare and astonishing display.