The Curtiss Museum features a wide variety of both permanent and temporary exhibits. In addition to our aircraft, motorcycles and automobiles, our permanent exhibits include the history and legacy of Glenn H. Curtiss, the history of Hammondsport, wine making in the Finger Lakes, women in aviation, Mercury Aircraft Inc., and much more.

Current temporary exhibits include:

Warehouse 53
On Display through Summer 2019

If you love the daring movie exploits of rogue archaeologists and fearless treasure hunters perilously searching exotic lands and combing the far reaches of the earth for riches beyond imagination, Glenn H. Curtiss Museum has an adventure for you! Come join us for a trip through our Warehouse 53 exhibit, where you will see original props and costumes from some of the most iconic adventure films and television shows that have thrilled and amused audiences around the world.

Flying High: Aviation and Art from the Permanent Collection at Albright College

On Display through April 7, 2019

From biplanes of the 1920s to the space age, Flying High: Aviation and Art from the Permanent Collection at Albright College explores the relationship between art and aviation and pays tribute to the artists and innovators who propelled aviation forward and are responsible for some of the most profound advancements in history. This exhibit was curated by Makenzie Witter, the Education and Public Programs Manager at the Glenn H. Curtiss Museum and a graduate of Alright College in Reading, PA. This exhibit was on display at the Freedman Gallery at Albright College before it traveled to the Curtiss Museum.