Open Thru August 31st, 2023!

Dawn of a Legacy commemorates the 120th anniversary of Glenn H. Curtiss establishing his manufacturing business, becoming a leading pioneer in motorcycles, engine design, and aeronautical endeavors. Curtiss created the first practical two-cylinder engine in America and the first to commercially offer it. The exhibit explores the earliest years of Curtiss’ business and engine designs. More than thirty motorcycles built between 1902-1912 are on display alongside other artifacts from the period. This exhibit brings the largest number of Hammondsport-built motorcycles, ever in history, under one roof. Curtiss competitor motorcycles are displayed including ones built by Indian and Harley Davidson. The exhibit includes loans from private collectors, Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum, Buffalo Transportation Pierce Arrow Museum, Harley-Davidson Museum, Ner-A-Car Motorcycle Museum, and Northeast Classic Car Museum.

The exhibit is made possible by:

Richard and Susan Rogers

Thomas and Barbara Blumer

Richard and Jo Anne Leisenring, Jr.

Aurthur Groten

Lee Kaminske