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The Curtiss Museum is fortunate to have an extensive collection of Curtiss and Curtiss-related vintage aircraft and antique aircraft - certainly one of the largest of its kind under one roof.

Our aircraft collection presently consists of:


  • 1917 Standard "J-1" (on loan from Henry Ford Museum)
  • 1919 Curtiss "Seagull" Flying Boat (on loan from Henry Ford Museum)
  • 1927 Curtiss "Robin"
  • 1929 Mercury "Chic" (on loan from Mercury Aircraft)
  • 1929 CW "Pusher" (on loan from Curtiss-Wright)
  • 1943 Curtiss C-46 "Commando"
  • 1951 "Doppelraab" Glider


  • 1917 Curtiss JN-4D "Jenny"
  • 1919 Curtiss "Oriole"
  • 1931 Mercury S-1 Racer (on loan from Mercury Aircraft)
  • 1931 Curtiss-Wright "Junior" (on loan from H. Hale - NY)
  • 1931 Curtiss-Wright "Junior"


  • 1904 Baldwin Dirigible Gondola
  • 1907 AEA Glider
  • 1908 "June Bug" (on loan from Mercury Aircraft)
  • 1910 Albany Flyer (restoration in progress)
  • 1911 A-1 "Triad" Seaplane
  • 1912 Curtiss "Headless Pusher"
  • 1913 Curtiss "E Model" Flying Boat
  • 1914 Curtiss "America" Flying Boat
  • 1943 Curtiss P-40E "Warhawk" (in ¾ scale)
The Curtiss OrioleMercury S-1 RacerCurtiss-Wright Curtiss RobinCurtiss Model E Flying BoatStandard J-1Mercury ChicCurtiss Seagull Flying BoatCurtiss-Wright Cutiss Curtiss JN-4D A-1 TriadAmericaCurtiss C-46 Curtiss P-40E

The "June Bug"


Designed by Curtiss as the third "Aerodrome", the "June Bug" became the first aircraft to fly a distance of one kilometer. On July 4, 1908, Glenn Curtiss piloted the "June Bug" on the flight that was to win for him the Scientific American Trophy and the ultimate honor of being awarded U.S.Pilot's License No.1. This flight is considered to be the first pre-announced, public flight in America. The museum's reproduction was built by volunteers from the Mercury Aircraft Corporation in Hammondsport and was flown successfully in 1976.