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A Life in Writing
Charles Champlin

Item Num: 002

The story of an American Journalist. Another fine offering from the author of "Back There Where the Past Was". 6 1/4 X 9 1/4, hardbound, 203 pages


Around Watkins Glen
Charles R. Mitchell & Kirk W. House

Item Num: 046

Assembled photos from the Schuyler County Historical Society, the International Motor Racing Research Center of Watkins Glen, and private collections. 6 1/2 X 9 1/4, paperbound, 128 pages.


Bath - Images of America
Charles R. Mitchell and Kirk W. House

Item Num: 005

Photographic history of Bath, NY. 6 1/2 X 9 1/4, paperbound, 128 pages.


Coloring Book - Antique Airplanes
Peter F. Copeland

Item Num: 067

41 drawings reproduce with authenticity, antique and historic airplanes from the Wright Flyer of 1903 through World War II and the dawn of the jet age. Fifteen of the planes are shown in full color on the inside covers. 8 1/4 X 11, paperbound, 48 pages.


Coloring Book - History of Flight
A. G. Smith

Item Num: 616

47 precise line drawings. 8 1/4 X 11, paperbound, 48 pages.


Cromwell Dixon, A Boy and His Plane, 1892-1911
Martin J. Kidston

Item Num: 071

From child prodigy to national aviation hero, Cromwell Dixon … “switched to heavier-than-air flying machines after training with the legendary Glenn Hammond Curtiss and becoming the forty-third pilot ever licensed in the United States.” Illustrated. 6 x 9, paperbound, 168 pages. ON SALE - WAS $14.95!


CURTISS The Hammondsport Era 1907-1915
Louis S. Casey

Item Num: 003

Now back in print after many years, this book is the definitive survey of the flying machines produced by Glenn H. Curtiss. Written by Louis S. Casey, former curator of aircraft, National Air and Space Museum, Smithsonian Institution. B & W photographs. 8 1/2 X 11, paperbound, 245 pages.


Curtiss-Wright - Images of America Series
Kirk W. House

Item Num: 058

In pictures and narrative, the story of the merger of Curtiss Aeroplane and Motor Corporation and Wright Aeronautical Corporation in 1929. 6 1/2 X 9 1/4, paperbound, 128 pages.


Finger Lakes - Postcard History Series
Kirk W. House & Charles R. Mitchell

Item Num: 024

For more than a century, the natural scenic beauty of the Finger Lakes has drawn generations of tourists. Complete with captions, these vintage postcards capture the lively and dynamic atmosphere that has kept visitors flocking to the area for years, eager to mail a piece of their memories back home. 6 1/2 X 9 1/4, paperbound, 128 pages.


Glenn Curtiss - Pioneer of Aviation
Alden Hatch

Item Num: 006

Biography of Glenn Curtiss. Written in 1942, Alden Hatch says of Glenn Curtiss: "..the most important figure in the development of naval aviation - if not aviation, period - in the United States." 5 1/2 X 8 1/4, paperbound, 280 pages.


Glenn Curtiss, Pioneer of Flight
C.R. Roseberry

Item Num: 010

A definitive biography...and a great story, well told. If you're going to buy only one book ... this is the one. 6 X 9, Paperbound, 514 pages.


Glenn H. Curtiss - Architect of American Aviation
Curtiss Museum

Item Num: 009

Concise history in color photos and narration of the career of Glenn Curtiss. 9 X 12, paperbound, 16 pages.


Hell-Rider to King of the Air - Glenn Curtiss’s Life of Innovation
Kirk W. House

Item Num: 089

Biography of Glenn Curtiss with many never-before published details. Beautifully printed and well-illustrated with historic photographs.
7 1/4 X 10 1/4,Paper Cover, 273 pages.


How to Make Origami Airplanes that fly
Gery Hsu

Item Num: 080

The author first shows you how to construct the Jet Tail, an important basic feature that is needed for many of the more difficult models diagrammed later. This is followed by detailed, step-by-step directions and diagrams for creating each of 12 different models: space shuttle, futuristic shuttle, flying wing, delta wing-jet, fighter plane, interceptor, double tail fighter, dart plane, fighter plane with engines, futuristic fighter and two different jets. 260 black-and-white diagrams and illustrations. 8 5/8 x 11, paperbound, 96 pages.


My Life -To My Children - by Jack Vilas
Revised edition by Mary J. Schueller

Item Num: 039

Reprinted memoir first published for his family in 1934. Jack Vilas was taught to fly by Glenn Curtiss and was the first to receive his pilot’s license after testing in a flying boat, which he had purchased from Curtiss. He flew this Curtiss Flying Boat across Lake Michigan. Vilas also flew it in forest fire detection in northern Wisconsin and was the “first boat flying fire warden in the entire world.” Illustrated. 5 3/4 x 8 3/4, paperbound, 235 pages.  ON SALE - WAS $21.95!


Robert Beck's Story
Robert Beck

Item Num: 021

Written by Robert Beck in 1899 and later published by the Crooked Lake Historical Society, this book is a delightful and invaluable historical document, tracing Mr. Beck's varied and intriguing life, including his experiences in Hammondsport, NY. 5 3/4 X 8 3/4, hardbound, 214 pages.


Stencil Book - Fun with Airplane Stencils
Paul E. Kennedy

Item Num: 103

Colorful, fun-filled collection of 6 airplane stencils. The open stencils require no cutting or punching out and the simple shapes make tracing easy. 4 1/16 X 5 3/4, paperbound, 6 pages.


stickers - Airplane Stickers
Steven James Petruccio

Item Num: 085

16 full-color stickers ofer an exciting lesson in the history of flight. Published by Dover Books. 4 1/16 X 5 3/4, paperbound, 4 pages


Stickers - Little Airplanes Stickers
Cathy Beylon

Item Num: 118

12 large, peel and apply whimsical airplane illustrations. 4 1/16 x 5 3/4 paperbound,
4 pages.


The Story of Flight - Seaplanes and Naval Aviation
Ole Steen Hansen

Item Num: 112

Read all about early “flying boats,” float planes that serve remote communities, and the low-flying seaplanes of the future. The year 1910 marked the first-ever flight to take off from water. At the start of World War I, seaplanes were mainly used to observe enemy ships but by World War II, aircraft were taking off and fighting from carries at sea. The Story of Flight Series. Ages 7-14. Illustrated. 9 1/4 x 11, paperbound, 32 pages.


Tony’s World
William E. Doherty, Jr.

Item Num: 025

The recollections of William "Tony" Doherty, a pilot, a sailor, a skier, a bobsledder, a winemaker, a museum director - and a natural storyteller. Edited and introduced by Charles Champlin. 6 1/4 X 9 1/2, hardbound, 276 pages.


War in the Air 1914-1945, Smithsonian History of Warfare series
Williamson Murray

Item Num: 459

This vivid account covers the early flying machines of World War I and the pilots who braved hostile skies and the rise of airplane technology in the 1930s -- radar, blind-bombing devices, radio control, and the increased speed of new monoplane designs. It addresses the contribution of allied air power to the defeat of Nazi Germany, and the raids on Japan, culminating in the drop of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima, and the beginning of a new era of warfare. Illustrated. 5 x 7 3/4, paperbound, 240 pages.


Watkins Glen Racing
Kirk W. House and Charles R. Mitchell

Item Num: 684


Through vintage photographs, Watkins Glen Racing chronicles the history of the track with early drivers, like Cameron Argetsinger, Phil Walters, and Dave Garroway, vintage cars, hairpin turns, and death-defying races. Over the years, the course has evolved from its humble beginnings on streets lined with hay bales to the modern closed track that plays host to NASCAR today. 6 1/2 X 9 1/4, paperbound, 128 pages


Where Eagles Dare
OX-5 Aviation Pioneers, Glenn H. Curtiss Wing

Item Num: 045

Commemorative book for the 38th Annual Reunion, OX-5 Aviation Pioneers, September 20-22, 1993, at the Glenn H. Curtiss Museum, Hammondsport, NY, with many articles and B&W photographs and illustrations. 8 ½ x 11, paperbound, 42 pages.


Winging it in the Kitchen
Curtiss Museum

Item Num: 028

Compiled recipes of Curtiss Museum volunteers, staff and friends. 2002. 7 1/2 X 8 5/8, hardcover, ringbound, 187 pages.


Certificate of Excellence
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