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Facility Rental

Price List for Event Space
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The Curtiss Museum is pleased to serve as a center for community activities. The museum rents its facilities to any community organization, with the stipulation that museum artifacts and displays will be treated with respect. Private individuals, organizations, groups, businesses or community organizations wishing to rent the facility primarily for entertainment or fund-raising, can be accommodated if the proposed use is consistent with the museum's responsibility to provide a safe and secure environment for its artifacts.


Contact the Museum and ask to speak with the Special Events Coordinator or the Director to determine availability of the area you wish to rent.


  1. A Curtiss Museum staff member must be on duty during all hours of museum facility use.

  2. All groups including children must provide adequate adult supervision at all times.

  3. The museum is normally available for rental only during the hours it is closed to the public. However, each request will be considered individually. The rental fee charged will be sufficient to cover all expected costs to the museum.

  4. When folding chairs and tables are needed, all such furniture must be returned to its original or designated location. The museum can provide the following, if necessary:

    a. 130 folding chairs
    b. 20 8-ft. banquet tables
    c. garbage cans
    d. catering kitchen with sink
    e. microwave, stove and refrigerator

  5. All groups should provide their own audio-visual equipment. If, however, Curtiss Museum A/V equipment is to be used, prior approval is needed by indicating what equipment is needed on the "Request for Use" form filled out at the time facility arrangements are made. The museum can provide the following, if necessary:

    a. Podium with or without microphone
    b. VCR with screen
    c. DVD player with screen
    d. Projection screen

  6. Smoking is not permitted anywhere within the museum building - this includes restrooms. An ashtray is provided at the outdoor front entrance.

  7. If temperature is not satisfactory, do not adjust heating or air conditioning controls. Notify the Curtiss Museum staff person in charge.

  8. Organizations using the museum will be charged from the time the museum remains open after hours until event begins and until lights are shut off after the event and the museum is secured.

  9. The front doors of the museum must be kept open and unlocked during the time that people are in the museum. It is recommended that the sponsoring organization provides someone at the front doors to greet persons arriving for the event.

  10. If refreshments are to be served, they must be strictly limited to specific areas. Guests will NOT be allowed to wander among the exhibits with food or drink. Food and drink tables must be arranged so that they are not near any of the exhibits.

  11. Sponsoring organizations must provide any catering services and any additional required equipment.

  12. If alcoholic beverages are to be served, the sponsor or caterer must provide a liquor license. The sponsoring organization must agree to limit alcohol use to adults over the age of 21, and to be responsible for any and all liabilities arising from the use of alcoholic beverages on the premises.

  13. The sponsoring organization is responsible for the removal of all decorations. Use of glitter and confetti is not permitted.

  14. The Glenn H. Curtiss Museum maintains insurance coverage for public events at the museum. If the sponsoring organization wishes to provide additional insurance, then an Insurance Certificate naming the Glenn H. Curtiss Museum, its officers and employees as additional insured must be provided five (5) days prior to use of the premises. The certificate must name the event and the date(s) involved.

  15. Emergency doors can only be used for emergencies because they are connected to the alarm system.

  16. Facility use authorization and fees are dependent on the organization and/or individual making the request. Organizations may choose either the "per hour" or "per head" option. Each organization must be designated as one of the 2 following categories before filling out the appropriate "Facility Use" form:

  17.   Category 1 - General
      Category 2 (a) Museum-Affiliated Non-Profit local or area community organization. (museum-affiliated refers to organizations or events which provide education or instruction free to the public. Example: slide presentations and/or lectures.)
        (b) Non-Profit museum member-organized activity



The Curtiss Museum is located on the southern shores of Keuka Lake in the hamlet of Hammondsport, New York. Surrounded by lush, colorful hills, the museum offers a beautiful setting for special events.

Glenn H. Curtiss Museum
8419 State Route 54
Hammondsport, NY 14840


Category 1
Category 2
Open Area
$200 per hour
or $10 per head
Includes kitchen and board room if needed

$50 per hour

Certificate of Excellence
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